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Christian Louboutin x 慧惠剪影: 剪影聖誕咭 Silhouette Christmas cards

小妹係週末於Christian Louboutin (CL)海港城分店為客人大家剪出度身訂造嘅聖誕卡啊!無論係大人細路情侶都由剪影中睇到自己呢✂ 多謝CL 的信任,今次做了剪人像側面之外的新嘗試,不知道大家喜不喜歡呢?大家有冇話想見到我下次剪啲咩呢?❣️ Thank you for the invitation from Christian Louboutin about the Silhouette Christmas Project as well as the appreciations from the guests ❣️ Besides the silhouette portraits, there are some other kinds of paper cuts shown. Which one do u like?

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