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Reflections with Art

Galerie KOO, Hong Kong 

03/12/2021 - 04/23/2021


Reflections with Art 「思情 ‧ 畫意」聯展

Exhibition period and times 展覽日期及時間
03/12/2021 - 04/23/2021 | 11:00 - 19:00


Venue 地點

Galerie KOO, 7/F Vogue Building, 67 Wyndham Street, Central
雍廷序畫廊, 中環雲咸街67號立健商業大廈7樓


Presented by 主辦

Galerie Koo 雍廷序畫廊

Galerie Koo is pleased to present “Reflections with Art” by 2 Hong Kong artists – Joe Li and Wai Wai.  “Reflections with Art” represents the two artists’ creations being inspired by their own encounters and perception in life.  Joe infused his life experience with sensitivity to his sculptures; where Wai Wai put her affection and sentiment in her paintings of local vintage shops of Hong Kong, bringing people closer to their communities.

WaiWai’s painting “BingSutt” was being selected by Ferragamo to join the HKAGA X Ferragamo | Central West Hong Kong, coiniciding with the launch of the Ferragamo Gancini Iconic in Hong Kong as part of its global campaign. WaiWai’s painting will show alongside the new Gancini collection.

雍廷序畫廊誠意呈獻 由香港藝術家李紹忠和慧惠的聯展。「思情‧畫意」代表兩位藝術家以藝術創作表達對生活的不同感受。「思情」代表藝術家李紹忠把自己的人生體會融於其雕塑創作中;而「畫意」則代表藝術家慧惠寄情於畫,把她對香港的愛躍然紙上。

Participating Artists 參展畫家:
Joe Li/慧惠

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