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Ho Ho Ho Art Christmas


Mini Central, Hong Kong 

16/11/2023 - 05/01/2024


Ho Ho Ho Art Christmas Group Exhibition 「好好好呀~Christmas」 畫展

Exhibition Period and Time 展覽日期及時間

16/11/2023 - 5/1/2024| 11:00 – 21:00 

Venue 地點 
Mini Central, 38 Ice House Street, Central, HK


­Seven local artists. Seven different backgrounds. Seven different art styles. What a rare opportunity to view their art all in one location. It is their hope that through 28 pieces of artwork, they can help usher in Christmas joy and cheer to all.

It does not snow in winter in Hong Kong. To create a Christmassy atmosphere, Hong Kong installs Christmas decorations in East Tsim Sha Tsui area. All the big malls come out with huge Christmas tree displays. Or they blast loud Christmas songs during a sale. This is Hong Kong's version of the Christmas season.

As our world battles with global warming and climate change, perhaps one day winter will not be cold anymore, and the Christmas mood will become increasingly muted.

We hope that through this Christmas Art exhibition, we can bring you some Christmas cheer. More importantly, we hope that this season will bring you much joy, happiness and warmth.

Wishing one and all a very Ho Ho Ho Christmas!




祝大家聖誕快樂,Ho Ho Ho Christmas !


Participating Artists 參展畫家

Grace Chan  陳敏貽

Stephanie Szeto 司徒愷欣

Josh Tang 鄧祖瑜

Wilson Tang 鄧偉舜

Tse Yun Kou 謝潤球

Wai Wai 慧惠

Samantha Yuen 袁芷筠

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