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HKAGA x Ferragamo

Gancini Room

Central West, Hong Kong 

03/13/2021 - 03/18/2021


HKAGA x Ferragamo - Gancini Room


Exhibition period and times 展覽日期及時間
03/13/2021 - 03/18/2021 | 11:00 - 19:00


Venue 地點

13 – 14 Mar | Man Mo Temple 文武廟

15 – 16 Mar | No. 174 Queen’s Road Central, Central 中環皇后大道中174號

17 – 18 Mar | Harbour City Pier 3 Parking, Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀海港城3號停車場


Presented by 主辦



A pop-up truck travelling around Sheung Wan and Tsim Sha Tsui will display artworks from four Hong Kong artists – Afa Annfa, Keith Macgregor, Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze and Wai Wai – alongside the new Gancini collection. Showcasing a fusion of tradition and innovation, the truck will be decked up with elements of a traditional bing sutt (literally “ice room”, an old café that typically served up iced drinks and pastries in Hong Kong) reimagined through the design of architect duo DOTES.

Submitted through an open call for Hong Kong artists organised by HKAGA, the works displayed in the truck all allude to the city’s culture, echoing the historical facet of Sheung Wan, a district dotted with bing sutts in the 50s to 60s where one can still catch a glimpse of the old Hong Kong amidst the antique and dried seafood shops that line its streets.

Afa Annfa’s Sugar Cubes whimsically rekindles the artist’s childhood memories and sensitivity to shapes in a bing sutt; Keith Macgregor reflects a visual contrast between the British and Chinese cultures in his photographic work Mong Kok Disco Tailor; Romain Jacquet Lagrèze rearranges Chinese characters from shop signs and gives them new meanings in his two works Hong Kong Culture and Emerging Culture; common items found in a bing sutt constitute the main stage of Wai Wai’s titular Bing Sutt.

Ferragamo 與DOTES 建築設計事務所合作設計Gancini 流動冰室車,靈感源自於香港50 年代至60 年代提供凍飲及食物的傳統咖啡廳——冰室,以Ferragamo 的monogram 圖案為靈感,以全新面貌重現傳統冰室,體現出新與舊的創新結合。


Gancini 流動冰室車將停泊於冰室的發源地舊上環地區其中兩條滙集不同文化的主要街道(西街及皇后大道中),以及見證香港演變的維多利亞港的海港城,更會化身為流動畫廊,展出四位香港藝術家的作品:Afa Annfa(由JPS Art Gallery代表)、 Keith Macgregor(由Blue Lotus Gallery代表)、Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze(由Blue Lotus Gallery代表)及慧惠(由雍廷序畫廊代表)。


是次展出作品由香港畫廊協會徵集,主題圍繞香港的文化與傳統,呼應上環的歷史背景,與那些仍隨處可見的古董店及海味店互相輝映。 Afa Annfa的「⽅糖」以玩味重現了藝術家的童年記憶和對形狀的敏感性;Keith Macgregor在其攝影作品 「Mong Kok Disco Tailor」 中反映了中英文化之間的視覺對比;Romain Jacquet Lagrèze的兩幅作品「香港文化」和「新興文化」透過重新排列商店招牌上的漢字,賦予這些字元新的含義;慧惠的「冰室」則描繪了傳統冰室裏常見的事物。

Participating Artists 參展藝術家:
Afa Annfa/Keith Macgregor/Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze/慧惠

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