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Body Fest 2020
看見的,看不見的 Every Body is Awesome

Foo Tak Building, Wanchai, Hong Kong 

12/10/2020 - 01/03/2021


Body Fest 2020: Every Body is Awesome

Exhibition period and times 展覽日期及時間
12/10/2020 - 01/03/2021 | 12:30 - 21:00


Venue 地點

10/F, Foo Tak Building, Wanchai, Hong Kong


Curator 策展人






""Body Fest 2020: Our Models"" presents 90 life drawings by 20 local painters and 13 models with an aim to broaden the aesthetic repertoire of the body. This exhibition features interviews of the models to unfold their perspectives of the body and their modeling experiences, including self-exploration, cultivation of confidence from body to mind, relief of individual hatred and anxiety, breakthrough of age boundaries and celebration of gender diversities. By challenging art creation with different human figures as the theme, we hope to enhance public awareness of the work of life models and nudity.


Body Fest believes, “Every Body is Awesome.” Visit Body Fest to see the unseen.


Ah Lok @nodefchilok / 阿怡 / Albert @albert_siuming / Carol / Chris @chrisyau20022002 / Denise / 小豬  @arita.haruyuki2039 / Kathy / Lesshunter / Nujande @nujande / Serene @serene.gaiajourney / 小風 @siufung_law / 華仔


Affa Chan @affa / 阿棉 @ah_min_ / Ans C. @ans_04 / Cha Cha Chan @cha.cha.painting / Chan Kung Chun @kungchun_art / Carmen Wong @outofthe_blues / Evelyn T.H.LAM @eva0_t.h.lam / Fung Kin Fan @fungkinfan / Harvey Chan @harveychanart / Joshua Foo @foohaus / Lokit / Lange Wong @langewong / Ma Yiuleung / Maggie Wonghoyee maggiewonghoyee / 羅家洋 @marklawstillhere / Po Ming / Simon Kwan @sk2art / Vedis Chan @vedis_c / 慧惠 @waiwai.sketches / Xeda Or @xedaor

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